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Hello to all the Wonderful People out There looking for Soul Food…

I send each of you hugs & kisses and genuinely wish everyone reading this, the very best of LIFE to you! I love each one of my viewers, followers and Patrons. Thank You for your support. Your appreciation gives me the inspiration to continue my life’s work through what has been a dramatic, wild swinging, emotional life journey – which I have attempted to capture in my work. Yes, I am a deeply emotional creationist.

My Work, my Art, is an inner journey of love & appreciation for Creation & Source. I’ll try to reveal more about “Creation & Source” and its role in my art, but it’s not always easy – it seems it’s an evolving thing for me. I’m not religious but I am spiritual. LIFE! Amazing isn’t it

I’d like to share a Painting that I did in 2005 and sold on eBay with you. Hope you like it, Please leave a comment for me, whether you like it or hate it (hopefully you like it….geez my poor ego is fragile….hee hee…you know what I mean hee hee)

Check out more of my Paintings and my Feedback at my Website: www.beautifullart.com and more art products and great Gifts at my Zazzle Store: http://www.zazzle.com/ijustwannabe.

Have a great time till we meet again with my next blog. Please will you be my friend and leave me a comment or a LIKE. – I’ll do the same for you! I LOVE IT when everyone wins! Take Care & love you ALL,
From creator/artist “RjFxx”

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Art for the artist in you – by the original abstract artist RJFxx.

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